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Bridge Hydraulics

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST) over Harney Pond Pedestrian Bridge

Client: Florida Department of Transportation District One
Location: Glades County

Roadway, TTCP, drainage, signing and pavement marking design for the construction of a new three-span bridge. USACE and SFWMD permitting was required. Canal was maintained by USACE from below the water surface and by SFWMD above the water surface (including Herbert Hoover dike). New bridge tied into the existing trail on the west side and into Harney Pond Road on the east side. TTCP accounted for motorist, pedestrian, bicyclist and boat traffic.

Yellow end trail sign

CR 361B Bridge Crossing Rocky Creek

Client: Florida Department of Transportation District Two
Location: Taylor County

PD&E and design bridge hydraulics for the off-system replacement bridge.  Includes permitting with SRWMD. A spring (artesian conditions) is located adjacent to the bridge, and limestone/rock is located in the soil strata at the site.  In addition, the creek flows underground upstream and emerges before the project bridge.   The proposed bridge required a FEMA No-Rise Certification. 

Rocky Creek road

CR 257 over Aucilla River

Client: FDOT District Three
Location: Jefferson County

Drainage analysis and bridge hydraulic analysis to replace an existing structurally deficient bridge.  The bridge divides Jefferson and Taylor Counties; therefore, a portion of the project is located in District Two, therefore coordination efforts are required between the two counties. The existing bridge typical section consists of two 10’ lanes and 6’ shoulders. The existing 2 lane capacity shall remain the same for the new bridge which will be constructed along the existing horizontal alignment. A FEMA No-Rise certification will be required.   

D3 CR257 Aucilla road
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