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Our Expertise

Our firm employs professionals of diverse backgrounds, all with strong technical expertise and qualifications. Our staff hold advanced degrees in their chosen field. The firm combines strong financial, economic, policy and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis capabilities backed by solid engineering and science knowledge.


Our unique set of skills and industry experience make us a firm with broad applications. We have successfully undertaken precedent-setting work for a broad range of government and industry clients that stand the test of time.

Cost Benefit Analysis 

Balmoral Group bring a rich history of experience with non-market valuation techniques to projects requiring cost-benefit analysis or post-hoc program evaluation. We have provided valuation for impacts to social, health, and environmental services – including for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal culture and heritage; municipal, agricultural and environmental values for water; urban greenspace and parkland; and rural and regional infrastructure, including roads and public facilities.

We bring an outcomes-focused lens to our work, always striving to meet client needs. We take into account the wider policy framework and context to ensure that our analysis is clear, transparent, and meets government guidelines and criteria without sacrificing integrity.

cost benefit analysis, economics, balmoral group australia
GIS, economics, balmoral group australia

Geographic Information System

Spatial data and modelling often forms the core of work that Balmoral Group undertakes, and our professionals pride themselves on a mastery of GIS software and techniques. Our database of spatial information and sources allows us to rapidly locate satellite & remote imagery, topographic information, and socio-demographic data. Furthermore, we maintain a powerful computing infrastructure capable of processing highly detailed or complex models.
We are able to provide spatial mapping in all formats, including high-resolution images for reporting, dynamic visualisations, GIS-compatible files, and web-hosted services. We are also able to provide bespoke GIS modelling for clients with GIS capabilities for internal use.

Social Research, Socioeconomic Profiling and Analysis

Balmoral Group utilise a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to turn social, demographic, and economic data into concrete policy insights, backed up by local understanding. By combining statistical and census data with insights derived from case-studies, we are able to deliver the understanding clients need, with confidence and context.  

We are familiar with qualitative research methods, having undertaken surveys, workshops, interviews, with a range of important stakeholder types. We understand the value of traveling the extra mile to meet people, communities and businesses, and this approach has taken us all over Australia. A track record we are proud of.

Our professionals understand that when it comes to quantitative statistics, less is more, and we pride ourselves on being able to extract and communicate the key data necessary to inform decision making and policy analysis.

social research, socioeconomics, economics, balmoral group australia
Data Analysis, economics, balmoral group Australia

Data Visualisation 

Our analysts bring a fresh dimension to any dataset, using dynamic visualisation to make complex information accessible to a range of audiences. We use Power BI to create bespoke products that our clients can use to understand their own data, dive deep into the insights created in our projects, and help communicate findings to their stakeholders and the wider public.
Balmoral Group experts are able to provide a range of solutions, including data hosting and management, and bespoke products that clients can manage on their own servers.

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